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Most pipelines, whether gas, water, sewerage, technological networks are already aging and infiltrations and leaks are occurring more and more often. These infiltrations and leaks in the pipelines of the companies must – for safety and economy reasons – be rehabilitated very quickly …

In order to recondition these pipes, the so-called NO DIG technologies have become more and more important in recent years – that is, reconditioning technologies without stripping.

For a still statically portable pipe, the reconditioning by the “re-lining” method is from the current point of view of the technique, the most qualitative method of reconditioning the pressure pipes and the pipes with gravitational flow.

The “re-lining” technology originates in Japan where a technical solution was sought to avoid leaks from damaged pipes due to frequent earthquakes in this area. The “re-lining” process solved this problem.

In a very short time, technology has developed and is today one of the most advanced reconditioning methods for gas, oil, drinking water and wastewater pipelines and for those in the chemical industry.
The method we present introduces a hose provided with a chemically resistant inner foil on the inside and one or more layers of felt on the outside, in the pipe to be rehabilitated. The felt layers are impregnated with a thermo-reactive resin, which will harden during the installation of the tube, at the same time taking the shape of the host pipe, forming a new pipe with special qualities.

This method can be applied to pipes between DN 100 and DN 2400 and depending on the diameter, in sections up to lengths of 600m.
The “re-lining” procedure is an approved and certified procedure according to the legislation in force.

The procedure allows to go through 90 ° curves.

In addition to these advantages, the reconditioned lengths can still be connected and remain in case of a sealed pipe rupture, ie ensure the functionality of the network. The “re-lining” technology is a NO DIG technology and can be applied to all functional pipes from static view.
In general, almost all pipes in distributors’ networks still have sufficient static stability to apply the process.
In a still load-bearing pipe, ie the environment can still be transported through it, the reconditioning by the method re-lines from the current point of view the most modern and efficient method of reconditioning the pressure pipes. This method also offers the advantage of reconditioning the pipes. without stripping them.

In recent years, several hundred kilometers have been reconditioned with this technology. If in the first years the reconditioning of the gas pipelines had a bigger weight, today the application of the process in the other fields is preponderant. The procedure can be applied for reconditioning: Before and after “re-lining”.

  1. Drinking water pipes
  2. Gas pipelines
  3. Oil pipelines
  4. Pressure wastewater pipes
  5. Pipes in the chemical industry
    Pipes with
  6. gravitational flow of wastewater, etc.