Microtunnelling technology is especially indicated in the case of pipes with gravity drainage (domestic water, sewerage, etc.), or in case it is necessary to lay the pipes with a high precision.


With this technology without drilling and laying pipes, pipes with diameters between 200-3500 mm can be laid. The essence of the technology consists in the permanent control of the orientation of the drilling head with electronic devices. The microtunnelling or MTBM drilling machine is operated remotely, an operation performed by the machine control operator from a ground surface control chamber.

The operator receives data about the location of the machine, the orientation devices and the hydraulic ones on the computer, through a console. Most machines are also equipped with video cameras to give the operator more information. The introduction of the pipe is performed by a hydraulic machine for pushing the pipes positioned in the starting mouth and is done simultaneously with drilling and excavating the soil.

Advantages of Microtunnelling technology:

The main technological phases:

  1. It is ideal for laying pipes with high precision.
  2. Permanent control of the spatial orientation of the drilling head (vertical inclination, horizontal deviations) is ensured.
  3. Orientation of the drilling head is performed with the laser beam.
  4. As the drilling head moves, the pipe is pushed, which is pushed by the hydraulic machine.
  1. Execution of start and finish pits

  2. Inserting the shield type drilling head and the hydraulic pushing machine into the starting pit
  3. The drilling process itself: advancing the rotary drilling head in the field
  4. As the drilling head advances, the pipe is laid & gt; pushed by the hydraulic machine