HI-JET technology has been specially developed for the cleaning of pipes to be rehabilitated using NO-DIG methods. Perfect cleaning to metallic luster of pipe networks and their drying, provided by

HI-JET technology is based on directing the water jet on the pipe walls and direct absorption of wastewater and clogging. HI-JET type water milling machine:

It consists of a rotating body whose nozzles can be adapted for pipes with diameters between 80 and 1000mm.
It is engaged by a high pressure pump (up to 2,500 bar) produces in the pipe a constant and strong current of air that ensures the transport of wastewater and clogging to the end of the pipe and also ensures the drying of the inside of the pipe (hot air between 50 – 70 ° C).


In case of incomplete cleaning, act quickly by returning the water jet to the place where the quality of the cleaning does not correspond.

The process is distinguished primarily by the possibility of using manholes or underground rooms where the valves are located, which leads to the elimination of excavations necessary for the arrival and departure pits. In case there is no possibility to use the existing dormitories, it is necessary to prepare the departure and arrival pits.
The whole cleaning process is followed by a video camera, and the result of the pipe cleaning work is recorded on CD or DVD, which are made available to the beneficiary, thus analyzing the exact condition of the pipes.

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During the inspection, defects of the pipes can be detected, such as: cracks, collapses, clogging, perforations, corrosion, erosion, etc.

Diagnosis examples

The visualization technology offered by SC ULTRAJET SRL presents the advantages of visualizing and diagnosing the condition of the pipes in order to facilitate the decision to clear and / or rehabilitate, as well as to assess the results of rehabilitation operations after their performance.

The inspection may be either a stand-alone operation, or it may accompany another operation performed on the pipes.