Self-priming centrifugal pumps for irrigation, interventions in case of floods and other calamities, industrial use

      1. Motor pumps or electric pumps simple (mounting on the motherboard) and mobile (mounting on tires, with 1 or 2 axles). Self-priming centrifugal pumps are also available in other mounting variants, depending on the application and requirements. Used in industrial applications that involve heavy work regimes, respectively the circulation of fluids loaded with solid abrasive particles, with dimensions up to 7
      6 mm, fibrous substances, including liquids with a high content of dissolved gases. Ideal for interventions in case of floods, drainage, irrigation, etc. Good self-priming properties, being able to vacuum freely from depths up to 7.5 m, without additional priming device (ejector). Flows up to 1,300 m3 / h, and pumping heights up to 45 m. Self-priming centrifugal motor pumps are equipped with gasoline or diesel engines, with powers up to 114 KW (155 hp). The self-priming centrifugal electric pumps are equipped with electric motors, including in the portable version, with powers up to 55 kW. Complete range of accessories necessary for operation: piping / hoses, quick couplings, fittings, elbows, et

Self – priming or volumetric centrifugal electric pumps and motor pumps with diaphragm

Self-priming or volumetric centrifugal electric pumps and motor pumps with membrane, with applicability in fields such as: chemical industry, food, construction, mining. Ideal for circulating very abrasive and corrosive fluids, due to the special construction that does not allow their contact with the moving components of the pump. Dry operation capabilities. Self-priming electric pumps and centrifugal motor pumps have the possibility of use as intervention units for drainage. Fast self-priming, from depths up to 7 m. Flows up to 170 m3 / h and pumping heights up to 30 m. Drive with petrol, diesel or electric engines, with powers up to 7.5 kW. Certain models available in the version with manual operation.