The horizontal drilling process by the percussion method is used for laying without digging pipes – water, methane gas or protective tubes, with diameters between 25–2000 mm, under national and county roads, railway embankments, platform of station lines and sorting of railways, tram depots, enclosures, irrigation canals, airports, bridges, etc. All the conditions provided in STAS 9312-87 are observed.

The technology is based on the advancement in the field of steel tubing driven by a percussion equipment attached to their end.
The percussion device is a robust, highly reliable pneumatic device that operates independently. The equipment is equipped with modular accessories that allow adaptation to pipes with different diameters. The assembly and handling of the work equipment is done with simple operations, all devices being ergonomically designed.

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Horizontal drilling by percussion

  1. It does not displace the land and does not produce settlements.
  2. It does not create gaps or collapses during work or after execution.
  3. Works performed by the horizontal drilling method by the percussion method, do not cause discomfort in rail or road traffic and do not endanger traffic safety.
  4. Shortening execution times compared to other technologies.
  5. Occupying a small plot of land for the installation of equipment and execution of works.
  6. The reliability of the underpass works with the horizontal drilling technology by the percussion method is the same as the lifespan of the buried piping.
  7. Percussion drilling can be performed in almost any terrain.